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A better attempt – Kyoto

August 13, 2006

On Wednesday, I got up with all the other people from my prefecture, and headed to the train station to take the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Kyoto Prefecture! The shinkansen was pretty cool. It really didn’t feel like were going all that fast, but apparently we were traveling at around 350km/hr at times. Full on. The weirdest thing about the train was the guys toilet. It was just a little cubicle with a urinal, but the weird thing was the window in the door couldn’t be closed! So if anyone was in there, you could see them taking a leak. You could only see their back, but still, it was a weird feeling. We arrived in Kyoto City Station, and headed up to the International Centre to meet our co-workers for our different areas. We all sat around a room, and suddenly had to each perform a brief self-introduction in Japanese! I hadn’t prepared for that at all, so I carefully paid attention to what some of the other people were saying and tried to do a similar one. It seemed to work. I then left with my co-workers (three of them) to head out to my little village. I finally got my first look at Kyoto City, and it looked awesome.


However, I live nowhere near there. We drove for a couple of hours out into the countryside to get to my place, where it’s even hotter than anywhere I’ve been yet! This is insane. I don’t yet have a good photo of my area, so that’ll have to wait. I’ve spent the last couple of days going around trying to do things like set up a bank account, register for an Alien Registration Card, get a cellphone, meet some co-workers and do some basic shopping. And learn Japanese. It’s been a pretty full-on few days.


I have just got my TV fixed, so now I can watch wacky Japanese TV. And it is wacky. God knows what’s going on. It’s even difficult to tell the difference between the main show and the ads. Crazy.

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