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Atsui desu ne!

August 15, 2006

If I never learnt any Japanese before I got here, I would definitely know this by now. Or it:s variants: "Atsui na…." or just "Atsuiiiiiiiii!". They all mean "My God, have you stepped into that external sauna outside? It's absolutely ridiculous (or, probably, ridicurous)!" My estimate is that one version or another of that accounts for about 30% of all dialogue here. It is so hot. Consistently in the high-30s or above, with humidity of about 140%.


So, I've apparently started work. The only problem is, I'm supposed to be Team-Teaching, and all other members of the staff are on holiday. Since I have no idea of where in the curriculum the class is, or how to contact my Team teaching partners, I can do pretty much nothing. Yet they insist I come to work 9-4 and sit at my desk. At least I can try and learn some Japanese.


But, due to the holiday, alot of government offices are closed. Including the ones to change over ownership of title for the car I've bought from my predecessor. So, I can't drive it for a while yet, and am reduced to riding my bike! In a suit! In this heat, that's no mean feat! Ah…. it's so hot.


Of course, I have to sleep with my windows open. Unfortunately, at least one of my village neighbours owns some roosters, who all start crowing at what they apparently think is dawn – around 4.30am each morning. They must realise they kind of jumped the gun, because they keep it up for the next couple of hours until the sun actually starts to appear, and they can save some face.


Can't wait till it cools down a bit!

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