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It Wasn’t Me

October 2, 2006

I just realised that one of my posts has a "linking" button. I checked it, and it took me to a place where someone had Googled "themaninjapan". Turns out this is actually a reasonably common username. Guess I'm not as clever and witty as I thought.

Just wanted to point out that this is the only place I use this name. So if you see "themaninjapan" making statements in other places, or signing up for internet dating services (as one has done), or any other things likely to ruin my outstanding reputation, be assured, it's not me!

Becoming more aware of the public nature of this thing, I'm also gonna remove the pics with me in em. I'll email those to whoever's on my email list from time to time. Maybe. 😀 The rest of you can just rest assured that I'm incredibly good looking.

Love, Me.


P.S. To pre-empt any claims of double-standards for leaving on photos of other people, I reckon it's cool since I don' use their names.

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