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Dangerous Minds

October 12, 2006

So I was sitting in the staffroom sort of half-holding a conversation with the Science teacher, I-sensei (who is one of the coolest guys in the staffroom, I think), when suddenly someone said something and everybody got up and left.

So I followed the teachers along the corridor and up the stairs, and there was grafitti on the wall! I didn't think that much of it at first, but took a closer look and realised I knew what it said: "Die, I-sensei". So that was pretty full-on. Hard core. Written pretty big on the side of the wall. Then I looked around a bit and saw there were three versions of it written in various spots along the corridor. The second was about the same, and the third read "I-sensei, please die". This is pretty hard out, seeing it scribbled across the wall in kanji. On the other hand, it's pretty sweet that I can read it, but this isn't the time for that.

So some of the kids were milling about but nobody knew who had written it. So everyone was ordered back to their class, and the teachers all went and gave them all bits of paper, asking for anonymous tip-offs. The paper's all come back now, and most answers sem to be "なにもわかりません" – "I don't know anything". But some have huge epic tales written on them, so maybe the teachers will be following those up. I'm not asking too many questions. Everyone looks pretty serious…

This is a week after a different teacher had to cry for help after being attacked by a student she was speaking to in a separate room after he'd been involved in a fight.

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