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I’m Drunk

October 26, 2006

For the first time in f*ckin g ages. Just thought you'd like to know. Talk about your random nights. I don't even know what happened. I was out with the princiapl of my school and a couple of other random teachers. One passed out and threw up on the beautiful tatami mats at some ramen restaurant. That can't have been good. Those things are expensive. How the hell am I gonna teach my genki-as-hell shougakkou kids tomorrow? Guess I'll have toi wait and see.  疲れた。 眠たい。 おやすみ。

EDIT: And I just saw my first cockroach here. Why? It's getting colder. Don't they hate the cold weather? Goddamit. There better not be any more to creep on my face as I sleep. I bloody hate cockroaches.

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