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Roado Reisu

November 6, 2006

Shortly after I got here, I decided to try and kick back into my running habits. I found out about a Road Race that was going to be held in November, so I figured that was good motivation. It was only 10km, so I figured it'd be fairly simple after last year's effort.

So about two weeks after deciding that, I pretty much ceased all training. I think I ran about 5 times in the last 2 and a half months. And they were all pretty short. So by the Road Race over in Tamba last Friday, I figured my chances were about as good as Brock's (after he broke his leg).

Then I realised I forgot my special card which I needed to get my number. Then I realised I'd forgotten my socks.

The weirdest thing, though, was the fog. Now that Autumn's apparently rolled around (you wouldn't know it during the day, but that's another story), the late evenings and early mornings come complete with mad crazy amounts of fog. At least, way out here they do. Not in the cities. So we headed over to Tamba to see the start line barely visible in the ridiculously thick fog by about 9am. It was insane. And bloody cold.

Luckily, they ran the races one after another. The 3km race was first, and that began and ended while nobody could see. There's a good chance one of the competitors got eaten by a bear, but nobody saw it. After the 5km race had been and gone, our 10km race started. By now it was after 11, so the fog had cleared, which meant we got beautiful scorching sunshine for ours. Nice.

I ended up with a solid 52 minutes and 7 seconds, making me absolutely dead average for my age and gender group. And it killed me. It absolutely killed me. I collpased at the end and just could not pass my school nurse (who beat me by 20 seconds). I figured I'm never going to run again (of course, if I had have been running properly in the first place, I wouldn't have had a problem. But I ignore that).

Word of the Day – 日焼け – hiyake – sunburn

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