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More foreigner discrimination

December 1, 2007

OK, this is just going to be short, but I thought it was something I should help with.

As of last month, a new law was passed meaning that all non-Japanese citizens entering Japan will have to be fingerprinted and photographed at the entry gate. This means everyone, including those who have permanent residency and have been living here for 20 or 30 years, with jobs and families, and paying taxes here (because as I understand it, it’s impossible for a foreigner-born to EVER get Japanese citizenship). Those with Japanese husbands, wives, and children, will be separated from their families and given this special treatment.

The official reason for this is to help stop terrorism, and have a database of potential perpetrators. Japan is already wary of foreigners – having us all labelled as potential terrorists in the eyes of the public is only going to make things worse. Also, the only terrorist act to have ever been comitted on Japanese soil was perpetrated by a Japanese man. Besides, who knows what they will do with that information once they have it?

I’m going home for Christmas, and when I return, I, along with all other foreigners, will be forced to have my fingerprints scanned and an official mugshot taken before being allowed to get back to my house and job.

Here’s a petition that I just signed. I’d encourage you to check it out and do the same – to have the law repealed, or at least reformed – especially if you think you might ever want to come to Japan as a tourist!


(I’m also putting a link to this in the sidebar on the right)

Also, for any of you who may be in Japan, there’s a few tips about how you can help on this blog dedicated to removing the barrier. As well as a special ‘tract’ which has been developed – just a small piece of paper to be left in the airport or handed in with your passport indicating our dissatisfaction with the system.


It’ll only take a few minutes of your time, and it could make a difference! Thanks.

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