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So What’s Going On?

May 31, 2008

Well, I haven’t touched this thing in a while, and I’m sure people have given up. So here’s a quick rundown of what’s going on on this side of the screen these days.

School’s chugging along. Not much going on there.

I have applied for a scholarship to go back to Uni! I loved Uni. Uni was hanging out with friends daily, going to parties, relaxing, being opinionated, and challenging myself in and out of class to achieve results. Working is never having time for friends, replacing parties with occasional meet-ups in bars, having time alternating between too much and never enough, and spending my time at work unchallenged and unfulfilled for the large part. Uni was way better.

So, I have applied for a scholarship to be a Research Student to study Law postgrad at a Japanese University. If I don’t get the scholarship, I’m not going. Uni’s good, but expensive. Especially for foreign students.

The catch? I have to have an interview in New Zealand. That means flying back in the evening after work, arriving the next day, sleeping in a hotel, going to an interview and sitting a test the next day, going to sleep in a hotel, getting back on a plane the next morning, arriving back in Japan at night, and going back to work the following day. And it all costing a truckload of money. For a chance at a scholarship I probably won’t get. Is my Japanese good enough to study postgrad Law? No. Will it be in a year? ….. who knows? I’ve made huge progress over the last year and a half.

It’s next week. I have to decide.


My computer which I bought in December STILL SUCKS. It came with Vista, which would probably get enough people groaning, but get this – it came in Vista in Japanese. I could bear my way through a large part of it, but I wasn’t totally satisfied with the setup, and dreaded the internet for the first Japanese Virus Warning I got and didn’t understand. Eventually, I got a hold of an English version, which I installed. For whatever reason, it got really unstable, and I dreaded losing all my information at any given time. So, I installed Linux’s Ubuntu.

After some tweaking, I got it working, and things seemed to go OK, although I couldn’t do the things I used to be able to do, without a huge amount of hassle. It was all so unfamiliar, and I’m not so hard core into the computing world to try and learn a whole new OS if I can avoid it. So, along with some computer-savvy chaps, I formatted the whole drive and installed English XP – something I couldn”t do to that point as XP was telling me I had no hard drive installed. Playing with the very essence of the computer itself fixed that, although it was pretty scary.

Now, I have XP. But getting the drivers set up is a bitch. I can’t do it. Also, the TV card whatsit which I bought to view TV on my computer when I originally bought the computer is only configured for Vista. So, now I’m thinking of going BACK to Vista, using the drivers that came with my computer in the first place, and watching TV. What a hassle.

So, over the last few months, my computer has hardly been working, and when I have had a chance, I’ve been following up other things. Hopefully, soon, this will be sorted, and so will the scholarship, one way or the other. Then, I can get back to regular posting. Yay? Fucking Microsoft. If they had have just let me choose the language I wanted to have on my computer in the first place, I could have been using my computer 6 months ago.

Now, do I book these plane tickets home or not?

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