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Reverse Chinatown

August 3, 2008

I don’t go to Osaka much these days, but one place I’ve always been interested in going to, but never got around to, is Amerika-mura – America Town. It’s a small part of Osaka which at least pretends to be something like America, and claims to be a hang-out spot for ex-pats.

I was talking to my ex about wanting to go, since it sounded interesting, and she said she hadn’t been yet either, as it was a bit scary. After all, they have black people there. So, we decided to be brave and go together.

The smaller-scale Statue of Liberty presides over the entire area, and can be seen from a fair way away, due to its position looking down a street. That right there made me feel very American. However, aside from that, there wasn’t so much going on as I would have hoped. America, it seems, is almost solely comprised of shops selling T-shirts making outrageous statements in Engrish. We hunted for ages, but were unable to find a decent Western-style cafe. Or hardly any food places at all – it was all clothes.

But it was trendy – you know it has to be high class when the clothes are being sold from shops with names like “mingy”. And there were alot of people dressed at the height of Japanese “fashion” – lots of bright clothes, weird outfits, maid dresses, frilly doll clothes and loads of short short pants. Things like that.

But not so many American as the hype would have you believe. There were a few tourists walking through, taking photos, but the regular inhabitants seemed to all be pretty much the Japanese “alternative” bunch. However, we did see a couple of black people after all, prompting my ex to utter, “found one!” and clutch my arm and her bag a little more tightly.

Beautiful skylineAmerica Authenticamingy

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