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So I thought I’d check out my Facebook

October 8, 2008

You have:

4 friend requests
4 elven blood invitations
2 poker invitations
1 poker challenge request
14 poker – help a friend requests
1 texas hold-em invitation
5 (lil) green patch requests
1 warriors all the way request
1 superpoke invitation
5 superpoke! friend requests
1 flower from emily request
1 growing gifts from k request
1 growing gift invitation

1 how asian are you? invitation

1 kiwimaniacs request

1 friendzii request

2 what’s your stripper requests

4 twenty20 cricket invitations

1 knighthood invitation

2 mob wars invitations

1 battle of the bands invitation

1 video request

3 social me requests

1 word rearrangement requests

1 chocolate fantasy request

1 80’s toys request

11 buy your friends requests

1 word twist invitation

2 funwall friend requests

1 new wall post request

1 hatching pet gift request

2 compare hotness requests

1 typing speed invitation

1 pokey invitation

1 rugby league invitation

10 likeness quiz invitations

1 coolest person invitation

2 zombies requests

5 zombie invitations

3 vampires requests

1 vampire invitation

1 invitation

1 what street fighter request

3 pink ribbon invitations

1 what city should you invitation

1 you’re a hottie request

1 would you rather… request

2 true age test requests

1 what god are you? invitation

2 have you ever… requests

1 rockstar cars invitation

1 dr. phil’s test invitation

1 past life invitation

1 booze iq invitation

1 how sexy are you? invitation

1 driver invitation

4 meet new people invitations

8 blackjack invitations

2 you’re naughty requests

1 sexy request

2 perfect match invitations

2 attack! invitations

1 good vs evil invitation

2 my aquarium requests

1 optical illusions request

2 cause invitations

1 are you interested? invitation

1 brain game request

2 fight club invitations

1 freebee gifts invitation

1 pirates vs. ninjas invitation

1 ninja invitation

1 petrolhead invitation

1 warbook invitation

2 super wall post requests

1 slayers invitation

1 my questions request

1 my questions friend request

1 pet invitation

1 jetman invitation

1 flight of the concho request

1 happy hour request

1 booze mail request

1 compare request

3 pirate invitations

1 friend quiz invitation

1 horoscope friend request

1 fortune friend request

Is it my imagination, or didn’t this Facebook thing use to be a way for people to actually communicate with each other??

I stopped accepting these things when my front page became so cluttered with bloody applications it was difficult to figure out where the hell to actually post and read actual messages.

Knock it off.

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  1. October 8, 2008 10:52 pm

    Me too – I only use it to exchange photos and say a quick Hi! Can't stand all the other rubbish!

  2. October 10, 2008 12:35 pm

    i dont have any of these on my facebook, why Would you except things like that anyway?? but that IS an intense list.

  3. October 11, 2008 11:32 pm

    I dunno, if you check Requests or Invitations or whatever it's called, you probably do!

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