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November 2, 2008

Well, another month passed us by, and that means it’s time for Halloween!

Halloween was never a big thing for me in New Zealand, but since I’ve come to Japan, it’s become much bigger. The Japanese love to dress up – I guess it makes a nice change from the monotony of daily life! (although one guy I saw was dressed as Karoushi – death from overwork).

Classes took on a Halloween tint, talking about ghosts and goblins, watching Michael Jackson’s Thriller, and some kids went and dressed up for the occasion. Alot of people brought candy to school, so I was able to go trick-or-treating and get myself a nice haul 🙂

Then, in the evening, was Kyoto’s nightlife! It was time for having some drinks and looking at awesome costumes. It was actually a little less extreme than I had expected, but maybe tonight’s Saturday Osakan version will be a little more over the top! Will keep you posted!

BFFJapanese BartendersSexy DevilsAkatsuki plus plumbersEternal Struggle

Saturday night in Osaka was cool. I don’t live there, so as midnight approached, there was the same old dilemma of either going home now, or being stranded when the trains start and simply having to stay out until about 6am the following morning when they kick back in. Since it would be rude not to, we stuck around! And that meant needing tons of pep and energy. Luckily, it wasn’t hard to find! Osaka is like Kyoto’s bigger, more mature, kind of a little bit weirder brother, that gives girls a bit of a creepy feeling when he’s around.

Corruption of ChildhoodHappy Background GuyJack Skellington!All that running is hard workSoundzAwesomeSchoolgirl Mouse plus Pirate
As the night fell apart and people started flooding home, hosts were still combing the streets looking for leftovers. Thanks to our outrageous appearances, we actually were on about the same level of ridiculousness as those guys last night, and got to have a bit of a chat with a few of them. Those crazy hosts.

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