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Cultural Capital of the World

August 20, 2014

Well, it’s been a long while since I wrote anything. In the last year a lot has happened, mostly with me being back home for a while, neither travelling nor procrastinating. But maybe that’s a story for another time. Now I find myself back in Classy Old London, city of top hats, moustaches and the good old gentry.

Sitting in the top of a bright red double-decker bus wending its way through the northern part of the city, a couple of heavier girls who look about 13 come up the stairs and take a seat a couple of rows behind me. They then begin to chat away in loud voices that bounce about the capsule upper deck.

“I wish I was ill”

“You what?”

“Just, when I’m ill, I lose so much weight”

   *sound of food packet being rummaged around in*

“Yeah, so this thing, it shows you where the uterus is”

“I wasn’t even listening in class, yeah, I don’t know where it is”


“So, what is it anyway”

“Well basically right, it’s just full of blood, in case there’s a baby, right, and then every month it just empties out… See, so that’s what’s happening to us now”


“It’s only meant to go for like a week, yeah?”

“Yeah mine goes about four days”


“But I think it can go like seven days. Or more”


   *some guy’s name gets mentioned*

“Oh, him, yeah? You know, I just can’t take him anymore. Nah”

“Well like, I tried to tell him I couldn’t, right, cos I was on my period, yeah, and so he said we should just do anal sex”

   *other people in the bus start taking glances back at them*

“Oh nah, I just can’t take him anymore, right”

“And I said I think it’ll hurt, yeah, but he said nah we should just try it, right?”


“Nah, you know what, I just can’t take him anymore”

“Yeah well so that’s how”

“Nah he shouldn’t of done that”

   *bus stops and girls get up to leave, they’ve only gone about two stops*

“So like, can you fit it”

“Yeah but it’s a bit, you know”

“I can only fit two”


   *girls disappear back down the stairs*


Stay classy, London.

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